Watch Wilfred (US) Streaming Online Here


  • Watch Wilfred (US) Streaming Online Here


    Watch Wilfred (US) Streaming Online Here


    Stuffed with ridiculous situations and high jinks, Wilfred is the strangest sitcom on TV… and the funniest. Based on the Australian SBS One show of the same name, the series follows Ryan Newman (Elijah Wood, Frasier, American Dad!), a depressed lawyer who is at the end of his rope. He tries to make away with himself by drinking a smoothie seasoned with anti-anxiety pills… Fortunately, the suicide attempt fails.


    Somewhere after this hair raiser, Jenna Mueller (Fiona Gubelmann, My Name is Earl, Californication), his new perky and sexy neighbor, turns up on his doorstep asking if he can do her a favor and babysit her dog Wilfred Fazio Mueller (Jason Gann, The Wedge, Mark Loves Sharon). To everyone else, the hairy creature is a regular pooch. Only Ryan sees it as a rough-looking Australian man in a dog suit who smokes cigarettes and copious amounts of weed, drinks beer, eats mainly junk food and is prone to various vices. Step by step, Wilfred teaches Ryan how to stand on his own hind legs.


    As the series progresses, we meet other jazzy characters who make things warm for Ryan. There is Kristen (Dorian Brown, The Game, Psych), his bossy and snappy sister, Leo (J.P. Manoux, Warehouse 13, NCIS: Los Angeles), Kristen’s husband, Drew (Chris Klein, The Good Guys, Raising Hope), Jenna’s partner, whom Wilfred dislikes, Spencer (Ethan Suplee, No Ordinary Family, Men at Work), the rude and loud neighbor, Mr. Patel (Gerry Bednob, Seinfeld, A Guy Walks Into a Bar), the grumpy and piker Indian neighbor, Amanda (Allison Mack, 7th Heaven, Smallville), a biochemist and former love interest for Ryan, Jeremy (Steven Weber, 2 Broke Girls, Dallas), Ryan’s new boss at a medical firm, and many others who are waiting to be discovered.


    First Aired: June 23, 2011
    Air Day: Thursday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: FX
    Genre: Comedy


    Watch Wilfred (US) Streaming Online Here