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    Watch Undercover Boss Online

    As an employee, what would be one of your worst nightmares? Well…getting caught by your employer while you’re slacking around or making a mistake.


    This interesting show might help those awful scenarios become real. Undercover Boss is a reality show that takes the high-ranked executives or the CEO of a company or corporation and places them among the regular workers. They take an undercover identity, new name, fake background and are introduced as newcomers. They spend one or two weeks under this fictional alias and they do the same work as the rest, changing locations around the company.
    What people think that it would eventually turn into a disaster, actually has an interesting outcome. The executives get to know the people that are working for them better, they learn about the level of difficulty of the job they are making and they are put through some unexpected situations. In the end they reveal their true identity and after such an experience usually changes are made: some of the employees are rewarded, some are helped to get better at their tasks, and at times the working conditions are improved.


    It is safe to say that this show is a lesson learnt on both sides of the employer/employee relationship. It’s entertaining and it’s interesting enough to offer everyone some tips.


    First Aired: June 18, 2009
    Air Day: Thursday
    Air Time: 8:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: Channel 4
    Genre: Reality

    Watch Undercover Boss Online