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    Unlike CSI and Law & Order franchises, the star of TNT’s police procedural crime drama isn’t the homicide but the character. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick, Ally McBeal, Queens Supreme) moved to Los Angeles to head the “Priority Murder Squad”. A CIA trained interrogator, she has a reputation for being a “closer”, a police woman who can get people to confess. She goes by a principle… As hard as it is to uncover a secret, it is even harder to keep one.


    Brenda Leigh Johnson is a smart but not completely confident middle-aged woman with a passion for junk food and an ability to shift from a nonchalant lady to a tough cop before one can say Jack Robinson. However, as a Southerner in Los Angeles and a woman in a male-dominated department, she is like a cat in a strange garret. Still, her first priority is to gain over her rebellious team while keeping the support of Will Pope (J. K. Simmons, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Simpsons), the Assistant Chief for Operations.


    The Priority Murder Squad comprises Detective Sergeant David Gabriel (Corey Reynolds, Private Practice, NCIS), an ambitious, extremely intelligent and highly organized officer and Brenda’s right hand man, Commander Russell Taylor (Robert Gossett, Charmed, Bones), a tough, manipulative and power hungry man, who would do practically anything to undermine the Deputy Chief’s authority, Detective Lieutenant Louie Provenza (G. W. Bailey, Nip/Tuck, Major Crimes), an old school officer, Detective Lieutenant Andrew Flynn (Tony Denison, Prison Break, Castle), an influential man, Detective Lieutenant Michael Tao (Robbery Homicide Division, Arrested Development), a talented expert in all forms of technology, computers and electronics, Detective Julio Sanchez (Raymond Cruz, My Name is Earl, Breaking Bad), an expert on Latino gangs, and Special Agent Fritz Howard (Jon Tenney, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, American Dad!), Brenda’s love interest and old FBI buddy.


    First Aired: June 13, 2005
    Air Day: Monday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: TNT
    Genre: Crime, Drama


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