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    Earth went through nuclear war. The Armageddon decimated the numbers of survivors to an incredibly small amount of people. And those survivors were the 400 lucky ones to find themselves in the safety of the international space stations orbiting Earth at the moment when the genocide had happened.


    Now, 97 years after the incident, the survivors managed to regroup the 12 stations into “The Ark”. But the resources are running out. They lived under strict rules and crimes were severely punished. Running out of plans they proceeded to more drastic measures. 100 juvenile delinquents get labeled as ‘expendable’ and are sent back on the surface on Earth in order to acquire information regarding the living conditions. The hopes were that, if they were to survive, maybe life on Earth could be reconsidered.


    These 100 teenagers have to face a land that they never knew, being born and raised on the Ark. The future of the entire human race is in their hands but are they really mature enough to understand that, or will they fail under the burden of their personal problems and quarrels?


    First Aired: March 19, 2014
    Air Day: Wednesday
    Air Time: 21:00
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: The CW
    Genre: Drama

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