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    ReGenesis is an interesting approach into the domain of science. This Canadian TV show produced by The Movie Network and Movie Central follows a group of scientists from NorBAC, the “North America Biotechnology Advisory Commission. With the lab based in Toronto, this organization is in charge of investigating problems of scientific nature, like diseases that are yet uncharted, bio-terrorism, and pretty much any inexplicable or important changes in environment concerning the states of Canada, the United States and Mexico.


    As head of this micro-biology laboratory is geneticist David Sandström, portrayed by Peter Outerbridge. Besides him there is also Carlos Serrano (Conrad Pla), a geneticist and medical doctor dealing with acceptance because of his different orientations, Caroline Morrison (Maxim Roy), NorBAC’s Executive Director, Bob Melnikov (Dimitry Chepovetsky), biochemist, genius and former student of Sandström, Jill Langston (Sarah Strange)- lead virologist, Mayko Tran (Mayko Nguyen) – bioinformatics researcher and Weston Field (Greg Bryk) – Morrison’s assistant.


    The TV show is made under the consultancy of Aled Edwards, a noted Canadian molecular biologist, also director of the Structural Genomics Consortium. This smartly done show is not only a mine of information but, though its characters it manages to address social, political and ethical issues that usually result from this sort of line of work.


    First Aired: October 24, 2004
    Air Day: Sunday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: The Movie Network
    Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller


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