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    Murder cases would be much easier to solve if the dead could talk. Have you met Ned? He’s a pie-maker. He runs “The Pie Hole” restaurant. He’s a very talented baker. Actually he’s a man of many talents. Did you know that he can also bring people back to life with just a touch? And how could private investigator Emerson Cod ( Chi McBride ) miss the opportunity of putting into great use such a gift?


    Discovered by accident by the investigator, Ned ( Lee Pace ) is offered a deal to bring victims back to life, let him ask the questions he needs to solve the crime and split the money. Who could say no to such a proposal, especially when Emerson will help Ned bring back to life his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles ( Anna Friel)?


    But there is a problem with Ned’s gift. If the person he touched stays alive for more than one minute another life in the vicinity is taken instead to create a balance; and if he touches the ‘brought-back-to-live’ deceased once more, they can’t be reanimated again. So they must be incredibly fast if they don’t want to create more damage. ‘Pushing Daisies’ is an excellent comedy-drama, a ‘forensic fairy tale’ and crime investigation told in an unexpectedly light-hearted way, with witty written characters and fantastic wordplay.


    First Aired: October 3, 2007
    Air Day: Wednesday
    Air Time: 8:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: ABC
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy


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