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    During a violent storm a young woman is found on the shore of Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. Jesse Parker, the lifeguard that rescues her, finally takes her to the local doctor and he, along with his family will take her in. Besides her name there is nothing much that she can remember.


    Always troubled by the thought of who she is, Christina is desperate to find out what happened to her mother, who left her the day she was born.She soon becomes a good friend of Judy’s, the doctor’s teenage daughter.


    But no matter how much she is liked, strange things start to happen around the town, people that get in contact with her fall victims to peculiar accidents and they are weirdly influenced by her presence.


    It’s as if the secrets that they are trying to hide, the emotions that they normally want to suppress are threatening to explode, to come out aggressively, turning friends into enemies, compassion into hate. She is soon plagued by dreams of pain and death, of a sinister future that she is destined to unleash as her origins will unfold to be darker than she was willing to accept. She is the “child of darkness”, the one to unleash Armageddon and “bring the world to its knees.” She is the Child of Satan.


    First Aired: January 19, 2005
    Air Day: Thursday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: FOX
    Genre: Drama


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