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    Were you agog for “Dawson’s Creek” or “The O.C.”? Well, this series will surely enchain you… Taking place in the small but not too quiet fictional Tree Hill town, this teen drama follows both the life of several high schools and the one of their parents. Catering for the thing that the show’s main characters are Lucas and Nathan Scott, who besides their passion for basketball and the fact that they have the same father, aren’t alike at all, Peyton Sawyer, a controversial character whose two greatest passions in life are music and art, Haley James, known for her cautious and studious ways and Brooke Davis, the beautiful and perfect girl next door, and that it’s islanded with plots and unexpected turns, “One Tree Hill” worth its while.


    Lucas’ relationships both with his brother Nathan and Peyton and Brooke, setting up a love triangle, give the series’ flavor. Raised only by his mother, Lucas is very taciturn and lonely. Although he tries to keep his distance from his half brother Nathan, the son that Dan Scott did claim… an arrogant and unhesitating young man and also the “most valuable player” of the Ravens basketball team, through a game of destiny, the two are placed face to face, when Lucas decides to join Nathan’s team. The tacit competition that existed between them since childhood comes to the surface now, especially since the two not only fight for supremacy on the basketball ground, but for Peyton’s heart… The conflict between them will widen beyond sport competition. It will invade both their homes and hearts, as they try to discover who they truly are and to accept the idea that resemble each other more than would ever have imagined.


    The first season features the rivalry between Lucas and Nathan, some love triangles and quadrangles and also the first game of the State Championship. Although the two boys begin as enemies, as the show progresses, they bond as friends and as brothers. At first, an attempt of revenge directed toward Lucas, the relationship between Nathan and Haley, his brother’s best friend, turns on the way into something more. The second season explores new romances which change from day to day. And, while Karen, Lucas’ mother, pulls round a club, a troubled Deb, Nathan’s mother, struggles with an addiction. As the third chapter surprises us with some deadly situations both literally and metaphorically speaking, the forth chapter focuses on major decisions and interior wrestles. The fifth season centers on the character’s struggle with adulthood while the sixth paints both happy events and dangers such as car accidents and health problems.


    Besides romances, “One Tree Hill” is also islanded with classic quarrels between friends or parents. In addition, the show’s grey characters are a great trump card.


    Watch One Tree Hill Online