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    Dharma & Greg is one of those sitcoms that you shouldn’t miss. Dharma, a yoga instructor with charisma, and fun attitude can’t possibly have anything in common with Mr. serious, Harvard educated, lawyer Greg. And yet they end up married on their first date.


    Coming from different backgrounds, different uprisings their life changes completely after that one date. Both stubborn and confident, they will generate a chain of memorable events in their life, good and bad, gladdening and embarrassing. She’s always optimistic, a free spirit, hard to control while he is the exact opposite, rigorous, conservative.


    Their ‘fish out of water’ situation creates a lot of comic relief, as we’re being told the story of how they manage to surpass their differences and the obstacles they get through life. Throw in Dharma’s counterculture, hippie parents, Abby and Larry and Greg’s well raised family, Kitty and Eduard, who have yet to get used to the idea that their son has chosen a regular, unschooled woman as his wife, and you have all you need for a proper comedy of situations.

    First Aired: January 18, 1999
    Air Day:
    Air Time:
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: ABC
    Genre: Comedy

    Watch Dharma & Greg Online