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    Watch Dawsons Creek Online

    Dawson’s Creek follows the story of four friends growing together thorough the hash years of being a teenager. They live in the small town in Massachusetts. Dawson Lerry (played by James Van Der Beek) is a forever optimist teenager, the only child of the family, open minded and sincere and with a keen love for Steven Spielberg’s films. He’s best friends since childhood are Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) and Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson). Joey lives “next door”.


    She’s the sweet tomboy, with a bit of a crash on her best friend, whom she calls ‘her soul mate’. Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) comes from a family with 4 children and a father working as chief of police in Capeside, their town. He is the clown of the class, compensating for his lack of studying with humour and sarcasm. Behind his constant happy attitude he is trying to hide his parent’s disappointment with him and constant lack of love. And the last one of the group is ‘the newcomer’: Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams) moves from New York to live with her grandmother.


    Dawson, besides friendship, starts to have other sort of feelings for her, putting his old relationship with Joey at risk, who feels threatened and unable to compete with a charming city girl.
    These four will have to face together all sorts of teenager problems and grow up through them, providing support and comfort to each other.


    First Aired: January 3, 1999
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: The WB
    Genre: Drama

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