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    The work of a detective is a stressful job. This is why, more times that they’d like to admit, they turn to their partner for help, because two heads are better than one. This is why, for the job to be done it is essential that the team gets along perfectly, keep a cool head, and a straightforward attitude.


    This is exactly why Captain Mike Sutton (Jack McGee – Rescue Me, Malcom in the Middle, Castle), commander officer, took a drastic decision concerning his best detectives. Fed up with their constant fighting, ego explosions and bickering, he sends detective partners Travis Marks and Wes Mitchell to attend couple therapy.


    Working as partners in the Los Angeles Police Department, Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) and ‘Wes’ Mitchell (Warren Kole) may not always see things eye to eye… mostly all the time. Travis is a ladies’ man, easy going, and a libertine. On the other hand, Wes is serious, calculated; he used to be a layer before turning detective in the homicide department. With complete opposite personalities it’s a miracle to witness them working without starting a quarrel.


    And when they finally snapped and Wes out of the blue pointed the gun at his partner, their commander realized that things have gotten too far. Now it’s all up to dr. Emma Ryan (Sonya Walger), the couple therapist to deal with them and try her best to make communication between the two easier.


    First Aired: May 11, 2012
    Air Day: Friday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 40 minutes
    Network: USA Network
    Genre: Comedy, Drama

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