Watch Burn Notice Episodes Online

  • Watch Burn Notice Episodes Online
    Created by Matt Nix, “Burn Notice” is a perfect combination between action, comedy and drama. After being close by revealing his true identity and getting the chop during a secret operation in Nigeria, agent Michael Westen receives the burn notice from the United States Government. Considered to have become unreliable and “wiped off the grid”, he finds himself in his hometown of Miami, Florida, without money and identity. Abandoned by all his normal intelligence contacts and being under the ban of leaving the city, Michael must strike out a new plan to find out why he has been burned and by whom. In order to fund his personal investigation, he presents his service as private investigator or freelance spy to anyone in town who can pay him any money.

    Throughout the series, our blacklisted agent faces both arms dealers, contract killers, war criminals, kidnappers, drug traffickers, sex traffickers, mobsters and professional thieves.

    Watch Burn Notice Episodes Online

    Apart from being extremely clever, Michael Westen is also highly skilled. When it comes to a mission, nothing stands in his way. Using in highly unorthodox ways ordinary items ranging from cell phones, radios, cake frosting or duct tape, this blacklisted spy brings it off any job. A cynic hardened by experience, Michael hides a soft and sometimes vulnerable, side… not to mention that his favorite food is yogurt. A beautiful ex-IRA operative who happens to be Westen’s ex-girlfriend, Fiona Glenanne re-enters Michael’s life when he falls on evil days and decides to stay and provide support to him on his investigations. And because “a friend in need is a friend indeed”…

    Sam Axe, Michael’s closest buddy… an aging semi-retired intelligence operative and former Navy SEAL, joins the team. Among his many skills rank burglary, forgery, interrogation, martial arts and wiretapping… Sam is “the guy who knows a guy” and who can find the quickest route to a cold Mojito.

    On “Burn Notice”, spies don’t get fired, they get burned…

    As sure as eggs is eggs, this show will enchain you. Enjoy!

    Watch Burn Notice Episodes Online