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  • Watch Body Of Proof Online

    Watch Body Of Proof Online

    “The body is the proof…” Fathered by Chris Murphey, ABC‘s medical drama focuses on the life and career of Medical Examiner Megan Hunt (Dana Delany, Desperate Housewives, Castle)… Once a self-motivated and ambitious neurosurgeon, she now uses her medical knowledge and investigative instincts to unriddle the mysteries of the deceased and bring the culprits responsible for their deaths to justice. Megan was rising in her career when an automobile accident prevented her from continuing to practice in the operating room. However, she didn’t fling up her cards.

    Megan is frequently seen in the laboratory, hanging out with the corpses, looking for clues which could help her figure out how the victims lived and died. However, she can’t stand still. Funny, charming, impatient and driven, Megan stops at nothing. She goes with the detectives to question witnesses and suspects and scrutinizes locations where evidence might be found. More than that, when the detectives are at a dead end, Megan makes no bones about popping into an interrogation room and force a confession for them. Still, in her personal life, she strikes a bad patch. After a bitter divorce, Megan’s ex-husband, Todd Fleming (Jeffrey Nordling, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 24), gained sole custody of their daughter Lacey (Mary Mouser, Scrubs, NCIS). Vocationally, she is unequaled, but as a mother she has a lot to learn if she wants to win back her little girl.

    As it happens, the first female Chief Medical Examiner in Philadelphia’s history, Dr. Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan, The O.C., Psych), is Megan’s superior. Half pathologist and half politician, Kate seeks to make the best of both worlds. The youngest and most enthusiastic fellow working at the M.E.O., Dr. Ethan Gross (Geoffrey Arend, Greek, Medium) tries to model himself after Megan… Blusterer but capable and intelligent, Dr. Curtis Brumfield (Windell Middlebrooks, Parks and Recreation, Cougar Town) is the one who holds the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office together. A former Police Officer, Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop, Home and Away, Necessary Roughness) has been through the mill. Now, he is Megan’s investigator sidekick. With the help of Detective Bud Morris (John Carroll Lynch, Lie to Me, How to Make It in America), a hard-headed veteran of the Philadelphia Homicide Division, and Detective Samantha Baker (Sonja Sohn, Brothers & Sisters, The Good Wife), they do whatever it takes to make sure justice is served.

    Join Megan Hunt in her quest for love, happiness and self-knowledge!

    Watch Body Of Proof Online