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    Watch Being Human Online

    A perfect blend between flat share comedy and horror drama, Being Human playfully explores the mythologies surrounding ghosts, vampires and werewolves. Annie Sawyer (Lenora Crichlow, Sugar Rush, Doctor Who), a ghost who defied death’s door and went a round through Purgatory, George Sands (Russell Tovey, Gavin & Stacey, Ashes to Ashes), a young werewolf in his mid-twenties, who possesses an IQ of 156 and speaks French, German, Italian, Spanish and Croatian, and John Mitchell (Aidan Turner, The Tudors, The Clinic), a 117-year-old vampire with the appearance of a youngster, who struggles with going cold turkey from the blood he craves, try to balance their paranormal problems with the challenge of living a “normal” life and blending in with the ordinary humans around them.

    George loses his heart to Nina Pickering (Sinead Keenan, Taggart, Silent Witness), a nurse with a troubled past. Eventually, the two come to share a unique bond. The plot thickens when the quartet becomes subject to the growing attentions of a mysterious organization (possibly called the Centre for the Study of Supernatural Activity, or CenSSA) led by the baffling Professor Lucy Jaggat (Lyndsey Marshal, Rome, Garrow’s Law) and the cold-hearted priest Kemp (Donald Sumpter, The Bill, Game of Thrones). Jaggat and Kemp are fundamentalist Christians who, after discovering the existence of vampires, werewolves and ghosts, are to destroy them. As the series progresses, we met Tom McNair (Michael Socha, Casualty, This is England ’86), Hal Yorke (Damien Molony, The List, When the Hurlyburly’s Done) and Alex Millar (Kate Bracken, Inspector George Gently, New Tricks), another uncanny trio in search for their lost humanity.

    Watch Being Human Online