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  • Watch Atlantis Episodes Online

    Watch Atlantis Episodes Online

    We’ve heard many stories about the legendary city of Atlantis, about its mystical location, endless riches and advanced knowledge. But this show is no search for Atlantis; it is no expedition after the ‘lost city’ and no historical research.


    This show is pure myth if not a legend of its own. Set in the antique world of the Greek gods, of the mythical creatures only depicted on legends and the place of birth of never-dying heroes, this is the fantasy story of an unlikely trio made of Hercules, Jason and Pythagoras and their adventures in Atlantis. But these three are nothing like the stories we are used to hear about them. Jason is a traveler, a stranger to all places, a valiant and honest person in search of his missing father; Pythagoras is young and naïve, innocent to the dangers of the world but above all, he has a brilliant mind that even the gods would envy.


    And then, there’s Hercule; not exactly the tall, flawless built hero of his legends but…could there be more than meets the eye to him? Friendship and adventure have seldom entangles so well into the land of myth as they do now. Produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, both creators of the already popular Merlin and Sugar Rush, Atlantis is a British adventure show that will bring the audience through original interpretations of everything we knew as being mythology.


    First Aired: September 28, 2013
    Air Day: Saturday
    Air Time: 21:00
    Runtime: 50 minutes
    Network: BBC One
    Genre: Drama


    Watch Atlantis Episodes Online