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    ABC’s thought-provoking anthology crime drama lacks in fun, but superabounds with intelligence, complexity and boldness. Although creator John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) tackles race, ethnicity, relationships and gender, American Crime is more about what people see, or perceive, when they meet other people and how someone’ self-image, or self-delusion, is bound to that perception. The first chapter follows the aftermath of a murder as it impacts the families and suspects involved. Cops in Modesto, California, believe Matt Skokie (Grant Merritt), a war veteran, and his wife, “Gwen” (Kira Pozehl), are the victims of a home invasion. Matt is killed. Gwen is in a coma, fighting for her life. After getting the fatidic call in the middle of the night, the families of the victims make haste to get there. Sure enough, as soon as they arrive, Matt and Gwen’s parents seek justice for their children. Russ Skokie (Timothy Hutton) and his estranged wife, “Barb” Hanlon (Felicity Huffman), have a contentious relationship and their scenes are harsh. Meanwhile, Gwen’s parents, Eve (Penelope Ann Miller) and “Tom” Carlin (W. Earl Brown), are grief stricken.

    Watch American Crime Online

    Among the suspects rank Tony Gutiérrez (Johnny Ortiz), a Hispanic youngster, who has problems with his own father, Alonzo (Benito Martinez), Hector Tontz (Richard Cabral), a gangbanger, and an interracial couple, Carter Nix (Elvis Nolasco) and Aubry Taylor (Caitlin Gerard), who are drug addicts. It’s a wonder that, after Carter is arrested, the Nation of Islam decides to help him. However, the lawyer, Aliyah Shadeed (Regina King), has conditions.

    The second chapter is set in Indianapolis, Indiana. Taylor Blaine (Connor Jessup), a public high school student, accuses Kevin LaCroix (Trevor Jackson) and Eric Tanner (Joey Pollari), two players on an elite private high school’s championship basketball team, of sexually assaulting him and then taking photos of the incident and posting them online. While the two schools at the center of the story are worlds apart in status, the lives of the students and teachers at both become inextricably linked.

    Having a genuine desire to understand the human heart, American Crime draws the portrait of people in an extended state of crisis. The second season premieres Wednesday, January 6, 2016.

    First Aired: March 16, 2015
    Air Day: Wednesday
    Air Time: 10:00 PM
    Runtime: 45 minutes
    Network: ABC (US)
    Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

    Watch American Crime Online



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