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    7th Heaven is the story of a protestant family in Glen Oak, California. It’s a show for every member of the family, regardless the gender and the age, about the little ups and downs of everyday life, about human interaction, the communications inside the family institution and the important role that the outside (neighbors, friends, love interests) plays in building people and personalities. Eric Camedon, played by Stephen Collins, is a pastor at the town’s Community Church and also the pillar of the family.


    His wife, Annie, Catherine Hicks, is a typical housewife, doing small jobs from time to time. She is the first one to face the problems of raising 7 children. Matt (Barry Watson) is the oldest of them and he is studying to become a doctor; Mary (Jessica Biel) is playing in the basketball team of the high school and she’ll soon become the rebel of the family; Lucy (Beverley Mitchell) is the pretty third oldest child, feminine and dramatic; Simon (David Gallangher) is young but not young enough not to have girls problems, Ruth (Mackenzie Rosman) the youngest daughter is always there of wise advices, and the last two are the little twins David and Sam (Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino).


    Each of the characters, even though they are small images of their family, are individuals and have their own story, they face their own problems and fears and we watch them grow up and learn lessons that we ourselves might have to learn in life.


    First Aired: August 26, 1996
    Air Day: Monday
    Air Time: 8:00 PM
    Runtime: 50 minutes
    Network: The WB
    Genre: Drama


    Watch 7th Heaven Online