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    There are a lot of stories of alien abductions but none of those disappearances has ever been known for returning. And yet, a comet is seen falling in the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier Washington. And there is where 4400 people, previously registered as missing even since the year 1946, are found. The police is confronted with a tough case to crack. None of the people that they’ve found has not changed a bit since the day of their disappearances and they can’t remember anything that happened during this time.


    As it was expected all of them have a hard time adapting but what is more concerning is the fact that some of them slowly start to present paranormal abilities, rare “gifts” such as telekinesis or telepathy.


    What happened to these people? Where have they been, why are they back and were they really abducted by the aliens? Are they safe now or is the world safe with them back? To these question The National Threat Assessment Command, a division of the Homeland Security, is put in charge to finding answers.


    First Aired: July 11, 2004
    Air Day: Sunday
    Air Time: 9:00 PM
    Runtime: 60 minutes
    Network: USA Network
    Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction


    Watch The 4400 Online