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  • Watch 3rd Rock from the Sun Online

    Watch 3rd Rock from the Sun Online

    Aliens arrive on Earth with the extraterrestrial research expedition on obtaining important and comprehending information about humankind, the inhabitants of this planet. So far 3rd Rock from the Sun sounds like a serious SF story. But the grave tone is lifted with their choices of conducting their research by taking the human forms of members of the same family, living in a city in Ohio.


    The high Commander and leader of the expedition, Dick Solomon (played by John Lithgow) becomes a physics professor at Pendelton State University, the military expert and security officer Sally (Kristen Johnson) takes the role of his sister, while the intelligence expert Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) takes the body of a teenager who has to enroll to school and Harry (French Stewert), their communication officer, a twenty-something young man shifting through short-terms jobs. They all live in an attic apartment and while they are experiencing human emotions and physical needs they are not designed to understand them.


    Though this humoristic discovery both the characters and the audience come to understand and think a bit about the things that make us humans and the things that we, at times, take for granted. They have to react to other people, to find out about the human technology from phone to mass media and to report everything back to their superiors, ensuring this way the comic relief and constant opportunities of laughing out-loud at the awkwardness of the situations.


    First Aired: January 10, 1996
    Runtime: 30 minutes
    Network: NBC
    Genre: Comedy, Science-Fiction


    Watch 3rd Rock from the Sun Online